Weirdness: Bush in the Gulf

January 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Most Arabic papers and news sites lead with Bush’s trip to the Gulf, somewhat eclipsing Sarkozy’s parallel trip. The photos accompanying Bush’s Gulf trip are more interesting than the actual content of the articles.

London-based daily al-Hayat publishes an uncaptioned photo of Bush holding a falcon.

Beirut daily al-Nahar gives us a close-up of a cross-eyed looking Bush with said falcon.

London paper al-Sharq al-Awsat presents us with a laughing, jolly Bush walking in the rain outside the Abu Dhabi airport.

Saudi satellite channel al-Arabiya uses a relatively tame image of Bush sitting with the Saudi King Abdullah, or the khadim al-haramayn as-sharifayn, the servant of the two holy places.

When Bush wasn’t falconing, he was walking near campfires, as seen in this Reuters photo re-published by al-Jazeera.

Another shot from al-Sharq al-Awsat. Saudi King Abdullah gives Bush a necklace.

And here’s Bush wearing the necklace. He likes it! From al-Jazeera.

Many times, it seems like there are only two photo-ops when it comes to foreign dignitaries visiting the Gulf: Bedouin camps or gold thrones. Though the photos are typical, they attempt to put forth an image of an individual who appreciates the culture, yet maintains a type of regal air.



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