God Willing, Britney will find Islam

January 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Image of Adnan and Britney from dlisted.com.

The types of Western celebrity gossip that get filtered through the Arabic media is pretty odd.

Al-Arabiya reported on the possibility of Britney Spears’ conversion to Islam in order to marry her paparazzi boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. He wears rosary beads around his neck which leads me to believe that he’s not Muslim, but maybe he does it for irony. Still, if Britney Spears converted to Islam, that would be amazing.

There were so many reader comments on this story on the al-Arabiya site that my computer froze. They range from:

“He’s not Muslim you idiot!! He’s wearing a cross!!”

“God Willing, Britney will find Islam”

“A thousand congratulations to Britney and Adnan!!!!!!”

Also, there seems to be disagreement over his nationality (he’s from Afghanistan). One commenter said Adnan is Yemeni and that he should take Britney with him to Yemen so she can chew qat. Another said Adnan is Iraqi and hopes that he can convince Britney to convert to Islam just like many Iraqis have converted American soldiers. Ok.

Syrian papers tend to avoid nip-slips and publish articles on more “respectable” Western celebrities, like Jodie Foster and Oprah.


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