“Saddamists” still seeking to bring down the marji’iyya

January 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

Image of Sistani from akhbaruna.com

Al-Hayat reports that marjas in Iraq have called for using the occasion of Ashoura to unite Iraqi classes, and to seek this by way of remembering the martyrdom of Imam Husayn and casting away corrupted views.

Grand Ayatullah Ali al-Sistani called upon the government to oppose corrupt religious movements, such as “messianic” groups that are supported from the outside. He said it is the role governmental organizations to oppose these groups. Another rep from Najaf said that the “Saddamists” play an important role in supporting these movements in an attempt to strike the marji’iyya and the citizens in Najaf.

The article doesn’t go into detail on how Saddamists are using certain religious trends to target the marji’iyya, but it is entirely believable since Saddam’s regime actively sought to lessen the authority of the marji’iyya during their time in power. Of course, this was mainly done through assassinations, executions, and imprisonment of religious figures in Najaf and other holy cities.

BBC World Monitoring reports that Dubai-based al-Sharqiyah television broadcast a story on an attempted assassination of a high-level Sistani aide in al-Zubyar. A police source“indicated that unidentified gunmen travelling in two new cars opened fire on Shaykh Muhammad Falak in the prefabricated buildings area at 2130 last night. Shaykh Falak was offering condolences near his residence in Al-Zubayr. The source added that Shaykh Muhammad Falak and his escorts did not suffer any injuries.”


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