Give us your oil, please

January 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

Have you seen the Other Iraq?

It’s spectacular.
It’s peaceful.
It’s joyful.
Fewer than two hundred US troops
are stationed here.
Arabs, Kurds and westerners all vacation together.

Welcome to Iraqi-Kurdistan!

(Image and text from The Other Iraq, a website affiliated with the Kurdistan Regional Government that seeks to encourage investment.)

Kurdistan is an area which encompasses land from Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

Iraqi Kurdistan (aka northern Iraq) is particularly attractive for investors because of the potential for booming oil production. An article from al-Hayat reports that the Kurdistan Regional Government has entered into a binding investment agreement with foreign companies regarding drilling for oil in the north.

Khalid al-Salah, a spokesperson for the Kurdistan Regional Government, said that the agreement was “legit” (qanooniya), yet the central government in Baghdad considers the agreement “null” (batilla) since the Parliament has not yet decided on the oil laws. A Kurdish official responded that the agreement has no relation to Parliament and said that the central government should not interfere with Kurdish issues.


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