Hezbullah issues statement on the recent deaths in Lebanon

January 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Hezbullah released a statement via al-Manar on the recent clashes in southern Beirut (al-Dahiyya) between security forces and demonstrators, many of whom were followers of Hezbullah and the more secular Shi’i party, Amal. (Yeah, it’s a secular and sectarian.) Here is my rough translation of the statement:

A number of citizens gathered in protest of the continuing cutting of their electricity and their continued difficult living situations. A force from the Lebanese Army arrived to disperse the demonstrators. Representatives (a commission) arrived from Amal and Hezbullah to remove the demonstrators and shots were fired that led to the martyrdom of Ahmed Husayn Hamza…several more were later martyred by gun fire. Hezbullah considers this to be a great crime against those who were demanding their basic living rights.

Later in the statement, Hezbullah places the responsibility for this crime on the current ruling government. Amal has issued a statement calling for its followers not to take to the streets to react.


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