May his Shadow Remain

January 31, 2008 § Leave a comment

The first time I read the name of Iraqi Ayatullah al-Sayyid al-Hasni was during the clashes between the Shi’i fringe group Jund al-Samaa and Iraqi security forces in Basra and al-Nasiriyya. Al-Hasni denied having any role in the clashes or of supporting Jund al-Samaa. But I was curious why al-Hasni would even be implicated in the clashes. English-language sources detailing his life are slim to none, so I’ve compiled some information on his political stances in an attempt to better understand his role in Iraq. (In the future, I hope to give a biographical and doctrinal overview of al-Hasni.)

My first impression of al-Hasni is that he is a younger marja’ and that he is somewhat arrogant. On his own site, his name is not mentioned without a praise afterward. For example, there will be a reference to his name and then immediately after, it will say Dam Dhillu al-Aali or May his Shadow Remain. I interpret this as arrogant because Sayyid Fadlallah, who is undoubtedly more accomplished, refrains from such self-praising on his website, demonstrating a more humble and confident attitude.

I came to the following conclusions based on an interview he did with the newspaper al-Ilaf which was then re-published (and probably re-edited) on al-Hasni’s personal website:

  • Based in Karbala
  • Opposes US occupation in all its forms — economic, land, political. Claims that he would refuse a Muslim or Kafir (non-believer) occupation; foreign countries or neighboring countries
  • Relationship with Sistani is somewhat rocky
  • Opposes the division of Iraq
  • Definitely not in an alliance with Iran since his followers occupied and burned the Iranian consulate in Basra
  • Does not express support for the government of Nuri al-Maliki
  • Seemingly not affiliated with the group Jund al-Samaa since in the interview he says he does not give their beliefs much “credibility” or saha
  • Many of his followers have been arrested and kidnapped in southern Iraq
  • Calls for the end of US occupation by way of exposing its corrupt implementors and politicians. People should do this by supporting the Resistance. Note: He calls the Resistance “al-quwa al-wataniyya al-munahidda” or the national resistance forces.

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