Al-Manar to the United States: Your Democracy Sux (and so does Obama)

February 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

(Obama drinks Aquafina!)

Al-Manar breaks down the US political system for its internet readers:

Since 1856, the United States has elected a president from one of two parties: the Republican or Democratic parties. All the governors in the states and members of the Congress belong to one of these two parties. There are 33 political parties in the US, but only these two parties get to the level to have a candidate run for president. Furthermore, these two parties decide the campaign finance laws, political policies, and the media outlets. In this sense, American society is divided into two camps, in contrast to the French system which allows for many different views.

The author says that it’s too early to tell who will win the US election, but that “in light of opinion polls and the 2006 congressional elections, then it will be the Democrats.”

In a separate article, al-Manar criticized Sen. Barack Obama for his refusing Palestinian refugees the right of return (al-haq al-‘auda). Al-Manar said that Obama related to Israeli media sources that he would make great efforts to ensure Israeli security and that Israel would stay a Jewish state. The article repeatedly refers to Obama as the “black candidate” (al-murashah al-aswad).


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