NY Times likes Israeli officials; not so sure about Hamas

February 2, 2008 § 2 Comments

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The NY Times’ Israel/Palestine reporter Isabel Kershner never leaves Jerusalem. Sure, Jerusalem is a news hub, but not when the news is happening in CAIRO or GAZA or the WEST BANK or ANY OTHER CITY THAT IS NOT JERUSALEM. But I suppose Kershner doesn’t have to move from her laptop in Jerusalem in order to interview Israeli officials and pull Hamas officials’ quotes from al-Jazeera. I don’t expect much from the NY Times’ Israel/Palestine reporting, but listed below are just two examples of their one-sidedness:

  • Kershner describes Hamas as “the militant Islamic group that controls Gaza.” Hamas’ military wing is only a small segment of the political party’s operations. Why is Hamas solely characterized by this one “militant” facet? Kershner and many others forget that Hamas — not their armed wing — won democratic elections in 2005. Furthermore, the term “Islamic group” should be completely eradicated from the NY Times’ style book. It ceases to have any actual meaning and is only used as a buzz word to stir up prejudiced sentiments.
  • Kershner writes: “[Hamas] blew up sections of a wall along the border with Egypt on Jan. 23, days after Israel sealed its border crossings with Gaza in response to intensified rocket fire against Israel.” Qassam rockets have killed roughly 11 Israelis in five years. The IOF has killed sixty Palestinians in the past month. To say that Israel sealed the border because of “intensified rocket fire” is just a complete re-hash of an Israeli government press release. Even so, is collective punishment of an entire population justified if twenty rockets are fired?

These are Hamas officials. Kershner should find them and talk to them.


“I’m the elected Prime Minister of Palestine! I have things to say!”

“Hi! I’m Mahmoud Zahar! There are so many microphones in front of me! I like talking to journalists!”

“I’m Khalid Meshaal! I actually spend most of my time in Damascus, so you don’t even have to come to Gaza to see me!”


§ 2 Responses to NY Times likes Israeli officials; not so sure about Hamas

  • Bassam says:

    Actually, Hamas refers to itself as an Islamic movement…(al Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya)

  • arabicpress says:

    True. But my issue is not with the use of the term Islamic — it is the use of “militant” and “Islamic” together. Also, the NY Times is not doing a direct translation of the acronym for Hamas by using the word Islamic, if they were, then they would also include “muqawama,” Resistance.

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