February 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

  • Iraqi newspaper al-Zaman reports that US forces in Iraq currently have 14 Iranians in custody who pose a “danger” to security in Iraq. This comes a day after the Iranian foreign minister announced that dialogue with the United States regarding Iraq was not a possibility since the problems are too large to be dealt with in a discussion.
  • Al-Sharq al-Awsat reports on improved Sudanese-American relations after the Sudanese Foreign Minister Denk Alor announced that he expects normalization of relations between the two countries within four to six months. The US has imposed sanctions on Sudan for the past 11 years. This announcement come after a visit with a US envoy.
  • Jordanian newspaper al-Rai reports that King Abullah has met with US General David Petraeus. And that’s it.
  • Al-Manar reports that Nazik al-Hariri, the widow of former prime minister of Lebanon Rafiq al-Hariri, has sent Hassan Nasrallah a letter of condolence for the death of Hezbullah military commander ‘Amad al-Mughniya. Al-Manar also reports on a poll conducted by the Beirut Center for Information and Research which states that 85% of Lebanese support the downfall of the Zionist entity; 61% support Hezbullah’s right to respond to Israel’s actions; 61% also said that the response should not be against civilian targets. Only 29% said that they felt the government was fulfilling its duties. The article says that 800 people were interviewed across sectarian and regional lines.

  • Al-Arabiya reports that an Egyptian court has — for the first time in “Islamic society” and Egypt — appointed a woman to oversee civil marriages (al-me’dhoor al-sharai). Amal Sulayman Afifi Salim beat out ten men for the position — she was the only candidate with a master’s degree.

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