Fighting the Zionist Enemy with Photoshop!

February 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Hezbullah’s weekly journal “al-Intiqad” meaning “review” or “critique” publishes political, cultural, and analytical articles. The textual fare is pretty standard, but some of their covers deserve a look.

“Sign of the definitive victory.” From left: Hezbullah military commander ‘Amad al-Mughniya (assassinated 2008); Sayyid Abbas al-Musawi (assassinated 1992); and Shaykh Ragheb al-Harb (assassinated in 1984). Underneath Mughniya, the text reads, “Commander of the Resistance”; Musawi “Sayyid of the Resistance”; and Harb “Shaykh of the Resistance.”

“After August 14th 2006 — a different ‘Middle East’.” August 14th is the day the 2006 July War ended — a day celebrated by Hezbullah as “yom al-intisar” or “day of victory”. The image of Nasrallah in the upper corner of this cover was part of a widespread ad campaign in the summer of 2007 which touted the much-awaited one-year anniversary of Hezbullah’s victory in the July War. Billboards promising a new era of victories popped up all over southern Beirut.

“Defeat.” Most likely in reference to the July War, or possibly a reaction to the findings of the Winograd Commission.

To see more covers, click here.

Here are some posters submitted to the website Wa’ad.

The text reads: Lebanon


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