A little early, no?

March 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

Al-Jazeera reports that Republican presidential candidate John McCain will visit Israel on March 20 as part of a delegation of U.S. senators. This is reportedly the first time that a Republican or Democratic presidential candidate has visited Israel during an election year. A commenter on al-Jazeera pointed out that this visit will coincide with the fifth-year anniversary of the war on Iraq.

I hope Senator McCain has a great time! Here’s my recommendation for a travel itinerary:

Start with a trip to Tel Aviv and eat at the vegan restaurant Tov al-Khaim (Taste of Life). Their lasagna is really good. Seriously.

Then he could make his way north to Haifa and check out the very cool Bah’ai Temple. If he’s feeling ambitious, then he should head on over to the West Bank and visit the newly expanded Jewish settlement Givat Zeev.

McCain is really old, so if he feels like he’s about to die or something, he should check out the awesome medical facilities in Gaza City. It might take him, like, a lifetime to cross the border and then another month to get adequate medical supplies, but this should be no problem since he has been complicit in instigating civil strife in Gaza!


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