March 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

(The above image is an index map of Iran from the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency. Click here for more.)

  • A recent survey conducted by a Virginia-based company which made telephone calls to Iranian citizens in Iran reports that 90% of the population favors a direct election of the supreme leader, i.e. the position that Ayatullah Khamanei currently fills.
  • The same survey reports that 75% of Iranians favor naturalization of relations with the U.S. and that 45% would recognize Israel if there was a comprehensive agreement with the United States. (Al-Zaman and Washington Post.)
  • The journal Foreign Policy published results of a survey in which over 3,000 American generals (active duty and not) were questioned about America’s military capacity. 60% said the U.S. Army is weaker today than it was five years ago. 37% believe that Iran was the biggest beneficiary of the war on Iraq, while 19% said America. (Al-Zaman and Foreign Policy.)

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