Syrian Army Makes Everything Better; Discovers “Central Operations” Room of Militants

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fact: The Syrian Army has moved troops into Baniyas and Homs. But everything else in al-Watan’s lead story this morning is up to interpretation, including:

  • The Army entered the cities with “preciseness” and did not injure or kill anyone.
  • The Army received “much support” from the people on Baniyas in revealing identities of “militants.”
  • Over 1,083 people have turned themselves in since they felt so guilty about their militant actions.
  • And this gem (which is intended to be a compliment to the Army): “When the Army enters a city or neighborhood, they arrest every person in front of them even if he’s not fighting. Then, after confirming his identity and personal information, they decide to keep him or let him free.”

In keeping with the angle of foreign meddling in Syrian domestic affairs, al-Watan reports that a “central operations room” of the “militants” was discovered. Inside the room was a whole trove of militant gear!

  • Cellphones from the Tharaya company (an Emirati company)
  • “Cameras with satellite capabilities.” If you look closely at the photo above, it’s pretty obvious that these are non-digital cameras and perhaps the oldest looking video camera you’ve ever seen.

Once the Syrian government found out that these crafty militants were using phones and “satellite” cameras, there was only one real solution: shut down the internet and wireless networks.


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