Anthony Shadid goes to Hama

July 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

In President’s Square, the government dismantled a statue of Hafez al-Assad on June 10. The next day, residents recalled, a man nicknamed Gilamo put his donkey on the pedestal. Hundreds gathered, clapping, in mock displays of obsequiousness.

“Oh, youth of Damascus, we in Hama overthrew the regime,” residents recalled them chanting. “We removed Hafez, and we put a donkey in his place.”

The New York Times


Arabic News Links of Varied Importance

July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Man electrocuted in Aleppo car wash.
  • Some Syrian actors don’t like Bashar al-Asad and aren’t afraid to say it.
  • Syrian Opposition argues over formation of shadow government at Istanbul conference. Kurds withdraw because of marginalization of their concerns. Haithem Maleh talks sense into people: “Internal opposition is fundamental, while the opposition abroad works to provide support and assistance.”
  • Lebanon is kinda like the Bermuda Triangle. At least for Estonian tourists.
  • 13 people poisoned in Jeddah restaurant.
  • Syrian married couple seeks advice after recent demonstrations have brought out irreconcilable political differences.
  • Elderly Saudi man’s love of foreign novels leads him to internet exploration.

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